Thursday, June 25, 2015

A devil 24/7 365 days

I truly amazes me that so many Christians still plays around with their faith.

The bible says that there is a devil and this devil's one single
desire in life is to steal the Word of God out of of mouth.

We are in a battle because of out faith. The devil and his demons never sleep or ever take a brake. They are 24/7 365 days busy to try and form weapons against us (Isaiah 54:17).

We as Christians can not life by just hearing the Word of God on Sundays. We must life by faith. In the below teaching I discuss and teach how to do this practically

Active for God - Part 3 - Read and meditate on God's Word daily

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Active for God - Meditate on God's Word everyday

We have to meditate on God's Word everyday.

 This is the only way the we will have success in our lives. Without God's Word in us we can not fight the devil and win. To be active for God requires us to have faith as our fuel. Listen to our latest message on Active for God - Part 3. Download from the below link

Active for God - Part 3 - Meditate on God's Word daily

Active for God - All the messages