Monday, November 4, 2013


Reflecting Jesus – We all have a calling and purpose here on planet earth. But our main function in life; our main goal in life; the thing that will give us more joy and fulfilment that any other thing is to reflect Jesus to other people. Mat 5:14-16 give us a promise that when we start to reflect Jesus people around us will glorify God. That is such an awesome promise in God’s Word. We have the ability to influence other people. We have the ability of grow other people. We have the ability to reflect Jesus to other people. Study our Free Mp3 series of “Being God to other people” and our video

How to stop sinning

Dealing with Sin – We sometime try so hard to stop sinning but then we just mess up again. We feel bad. We feel condemned. And Satan just keeps shouting in our ear that we are failing God. So how can we clean up our lives and live for God in a non condemnation manner? How can we grow as Christians God’s way? In Psam1 we find the clue. “Meditate on God’s Word day and night.” Holiness is not an absence of sin but pursuing God through His Word. We can’t make fruits of holiness. But we can grow fruits of holiness by growing the tree. And we grow as Christians by meditating on God’s Word. Romans 10 say that Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God. In the below video we teach more on the subject.